The Great Northwest, Fitfit, etc.
March 30, 2010, 2:29 AM
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Well, we (half of treehouse) have arrived in the great northwest, and it has been a very wet, rainy and supreme adventure, as we all hoped and dreamed it would be.  The Greater Seattle Area has welcomed Young Coop, Myself and Rose L. with open arms and hospitality.  Most notably, we should all applaud and recognize his graciousness, The Legend for A.) letting us sleep on his floor and couch and B.) creating delicious hamburgers.

Today, Monday, we had some deliciously excellent Ethiopian food, including misir wot, kik, gomen, injera bread and, last but certainly not least, Tomato FitFit, which really opened my eyes and sent my taste buds on an out-of-this-world experience that left me full and itis-stricken.


Ariel Is in a tranquil state. Gazing out in to the future from the window of his studio.
March 28, 2010, 8:54 AM
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Hello World! It’s young Coop here dropping the first official blog under the wordpress umbrella in which, to be honest, I have never heard of.  I figure one of my dashing cohorts must have registered for this (I got up in it first do’).  Any who I must say it has been a rather exciting three months so far in the treehouse family. I remember just arriving in Missoula in January upon after un-dropping out of the University, casually showing Nicholas some jams I had been working on, having young Chance show me some jams he had been working on. At this point I had not the slightest hint of the wonderful times that were to be had in the very near future until our lord and savior Josh Potter Christ came and slapped them skins, with the intensity of Yahweh slapboxing, among the rest of us with our instrument’s and black boxes. That was when I knew that a future were to be grasped!

I feel as if I’ve learned a lot in just a short time, breaking old habits in which I had formed from my preconceived notions on what I thought was the way in which to do things. Getting Creative with those all from very different parts of the country I really think has helped me think fresh and grow musically; not just out of the strings of my Ghetecaster but also out of the wolves in sheeps macintosh mbox clothing in which taming is a whole different art-form.

I can’t be positive but I feel that maybe the other roots of treehouse might have the same feelingz.

Anyway’s today TreeCoop (myself) and Nichohouse (Nicholas) are headed to Portland along with our great friend Rose. It should be a great adventure, an epic journey if you will. Do not fret transients of the internet superhighway I will in fact be leaving you “with a dope beat to step too, step too”(Timbaland+Aliyah) Some remixes/rerecordings of Im Not in My Bedroom Anymore and Turned Down; I labored through the night to have them readied and I am proud and also suprised that I accomplished set goals. I believe they shall be posted onto the myspace at any given time between me writing this and Im gonna guess 10pm.

Oh yeah check checkit checkit checkit


~Ariel Cooper